Fishtales Scotland Diary

This is only an excerpt from my fishing diary covering the places mentioned in the VENUES page.

Date Place Weather Air Water Wind Naturals Remarks
Date Place Weather Air Water Wind Naturals Remarks
17-05-98 A'Mhinn, Na Curragh Sunny, cloudy for a while at midday, felt cool in evening 18oC 16oC W Light breeze stronger in evening A'MHINN:- Claret Dun, Olives, Green Buzzers, Alders, Small fish
NA CURRAGH:- Black Buzzers (thousands)
A'MHINN:- Saw a few rising fish as I arrived. Arctic Char 6oz third cast on hill loch nymph, missed one on static dry fly next cast. 10:45 :- 2ib Rainbow trout on static hill loch nymph
NA CURRAGH:- Moved here after lunch, one or two small fish rising on West shore, fished down and round to East shore but no fish. Moved back to
A'MHINN:- Fished point on East shore then down to South bay missed one fish on hill loch nymph, Fished 09:30 to 19:00
18-05-98 A'Chaorainn, Dubh-Bheag, Dubh-Mor Sunny, some broken cloud, cold in wind. 14oC to 18oC 18oC W Strong breeze windy in evening A'CHAORAINN:- Small fish, Olives, Stone fly, Alder fly. DUBH-BHEAG:- Olives, Claret Duns, Small fish. DUBH-MOR:- Olives, Small fish. A'CHAORAINN:- Fished North shore when I arrived. Saw one fish rise well out in loch. Came back in the evening and fished down South shore from the points, saw two fish but no fly hatching in the strong wind, No fish.
DUBH-BEAG:- Fished south shore to first point. Saw fish rising on West shore so moved round and fished down shore. Saw fish rise, covered it, 8oz Brown trout on hill loch nymph. Returned it and fished on down shore, missed one more.
DUBH-MOR:- Moved here 13:50, decided to have lunch, first had a couple of casts at a rising fish, 6oz Brown on the hill loch nymph, returned it and had lunch.14:00. Fished at point for a while untill wind got too strong, moved to bay at boat, covered a few rising fish but unsuccessful. Fished 10:15 to 18:30
19-05-98 Nam Ban, A'Chaorainne, An Sailm. Cloudy most of the day some sunny spells. Sunny in evening. 16oC 16oC W Light breeze NAM BAN:- Olives,Claret dun A'CHAORAINNE:- Olives, AN SAILM:- Olives NAM BAN:- Fished down West and round East shore no fish rising none caught. A'CHAORAINNE:- Fished South shore off all the points saw one or two fish rising. Persiverence paid off 12oz brown caught after fishing most of the day, changing flies, claret dry fly long shank 14. 16:30 sun came out, wind dropped, flat calm moved to:- AN SAILM :- Fished from rocky outcrop on West shore opposite water fall. Missed two fish then caught one 6oz brown on an Iron Blue Dun 14. Walked back past Na Curragh had something to eat and a few casts. Left just as it started to rain. Fished 10:00 to 20:00.
20-05-98 A'Chlachain, Na Cruaiche, An Daimh. Rain in morning, then cleared , sunny for the rest of the day. 16oC 16oC Light Breeze. Olives A'CHLACHAIN:- Fished West shore saw one or two fish rising , covered one a few times, missed it on the hill loch nymph, felt a hard tug. Fished this loch hard most of the day, but still haven't caught a fish from here :) NA CRUAICHE:- Had some fun with the small fish in this shallow weedy loch, 3 fish in 30 minutes. Pheasant tail nymph 12, Hill loch nymph 14, missed one on dry fly too fast for me. AN DAIMH:- Fished at river mouth in SouthWest corner. Caught and returned one small fish Dry Grey Duster 12. Saw fish rising along West shore, covered one, caught two fish on one cast dry fly and pheasant tail. Missed one further on, covered a few more but no more caught. Fished 10:30 to 19:30.
21-05-98 A'Phearson, Little Feinn, Big Feinn, Na Curragh, Losgainne Beg Cloudy some sun cleared at night. 12oC 16oC NW strong breeze Olive duns, Alder fly, minnows on all lochs A'PHEARSON:- Fished East shore from big Sycamore tree, covered some rising fish. Changed dry fly to suspender nymph, missed three caught one, Hill loch nymph 14. Moved round corner to reed bed had lunch then a few casts , missed one fish sunk nymph. Went up to Feinn lochs. LITTLE FEINN:- arrived here 14:15 fished North end and down West shore one or two fish rising, missed one on suspender nymph. Moved down to BIG FEINN:- fished North end saw a few fish rising, then saw a VERY BIG fish moving very fast downwind, back and dorsal fin right out of water.Moved to East shore to try to intercept it but wind got to strong, No fish, left 17:30. NA CURRAGH:- had a few casts as i passed, missed one fish saw one more. LOSGAINNE BEG:- only had a few casts here and there round loch saw no fish caught nothing. Fished 10:15 to 20:00.
22-05-98 A'Mhinn Cloudy 10oC 14oC NW Strong Breeze Olives, Stonefly Fish were rising as I arrived but couldn't interest them. Changed dry fly for suspender nymph, then changed up to size 12's. One offer, felt sharp tug, missed two more, then caught 1˝lb Rainbow on hill loch nymph size 12, jumped three times, fought really hard, missed one more which came for fly three times. Exciting fishing! Fished 10-30 to 17-00
16-05-97 Losgain Beag Bright hazy sun 12oC 12oC S.E. Strong, gusty none seen Fished down North side, saw one fish rise three times, but it was too awkward to cast to in the wind. Packed up when the sun went down. Fished 19:00 to 22:00
17-05-97 A'Phearson, Losgainn Beag Cloudy , rain in morning , brighter at night. 12-14oC 10-12oC S.E. strong, light and flat calm at night Claret dun, olives, stonefly A'PHEARSON:- Fished east shore from burn to reed bed, missed two fish in strong wind before lunch. Wind died down, missed two more fish then caught one on Pheasant tail nymph on tail of cast.
LOSGAINN BEAG:- fished from point on north side into bay, then up north side saw one fish jump in bay, then another as I packed up. Fished 10:00 to 20:00
18-05-97 A'Mhinn, Na Curragh, Losgainn Beag Cloudy heavy rain showers 14oC 12oC N.E. strong breeze then lighter at night Olives, stonefly, heather moth, ginger midge, alder fly. A'MHINN:- Fished at rocky point on east shore, fishing down wind lanes. First fish took tail fly, claret stonefly nymph, it had a bad cut on its left hand side, possibly cormorant. Moved along bank into quieter water, saw some rises, caught second fish on tail fly , black pennel. It jumped 4 or 5 times and put up a great fight. Rainbows 1 and 1˝lbs.
NA CURRAGH:- Fished east shore. Saw some rises, covered one and thought it would come for dry fly, it took iron blue dun on dropper and I missed it. Fished on down bank and caught ˝ brown on iron blue dun.
LOSGAINNE BEAG:- Fished all round east end, saw some big fish right out of water too far out to cast to. No fish caught. Fished 10:30 to 20:30.
18-05-92 Achiltibuie Lochans Fada, Leachach, Ballach. Sunny no cloud 75oF 63oF Light Breeze N.W. Stone Fly, Claret Dun, Water Beetles, Black Buzzer. BALLACH:- Small shallow loch, very weedy, lots of fish showing at surface, fished dry fly and nymph, 3 brown trout caught and returned average weight 8oz
FADA:- Long loch shallow at each end, deep in middle. Fish rising hard on far side against rock outcrop. Fished dry fly and nymph, saw fish come up from the depths, suck in dry fly then turn back down, excellent take. Brown Trout 1.5lbs returned, two more returned 8oz each. LEACACH:- Long deep loch very clear water, like looking into a fish tank. Lots of fish rising. though you had to look hard to spot them. Two more fish caught and returned ave 8oz.
19-05-92 Fada, Leacach Sunny, Thunder storm at night 70oF 60oF Strong breeze N. Stonefly, Claret Dun, Yellow Sally, Black Buzzer Fish rising all over both lochs again. Returned 12 fish mostly taken on dry fly, missed plenty more. Heaviest 12oz average 8oz.
20-05-92 Bad a'Ghaill, Bad na h'Achlaise. Cloudy mist on hills. Light rain. 70oF 60oF Light Breeze Claret Dun, Black Gnat, Black Buzzer Fished opposite side to road as that is the side the Summer Isles permit covers. Fished South corner of Bad a'Ghail to river, saw one fish rise at start, then nothing. Tried cast into river mouth, fish took pheasant tail #12, 12oz returned. Moved up to na h'Achlaise, nearly no wind, managed 3 fish avge 8oz, P.T. and dry fly. na h'Achlaise nicer of the two lochs.
21-05-92 Fada Cloudy Dry 70oF 60oF Light Breeze Yellow Sally, Black Gnat, Black Buzzer, Claret Dun, Lake Olive. Fished deep part of loch, caught and rose a few fish, moved to North end caught some more. Fishing really excellent 8 fish returned avge 10oz heaviest 1lb. Total for week, between two, 65 avge weight 8oz.
03-06-92 River Earn (Haugh) Bright some cloud 65oF 57oF Light Breeze E. Yellow May Dun, May Fly, Pale Watery Dun, Alder Fly, Sedges, Minnows. Fished top of beat above the weir, rose a few small fish, returned two. Moved bellow weir , caught 8oz brown trout below stone, far side. Fought very well, nice bright coloured fish. Fished on down beat to half way but only small fish caught, no salmon or sea trout seen. 8 brown trout returned
Date Place Weather Air Water Wind Naturals Remarks
Date Place Weather Air Water Wind Naturals Remarks
Date Place Weather Air Water Wind Naturals Remarks
Date Place Weather Air Water Wind Naturals Remarks

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