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The Close Season

The room was in darkness, the only light off in one corner highlighting the figure sitting in front of it. He moved slightly in his chair as he moved the items on the desk in front of him. His thoughts were elsewhere as he raised his head and listened to the wind and rain that rattled the window next to to read the rest


Bigots, bores and know-it-alls don't have to make your life as miserable as to read the rest

do i need a gps

Is a GPS just a fancy toy or a practical navigation tool? I see this question asked a lot with the answer “It is just something else to carry and a map and compass is better.” to read the rest

nature calls

"What's that noise? I thought as I opened my eyes to the black inside of the sleeping bag hood.............. click to read the rest

My camping list for carrying approx. 20 kilo

Sleeping Bag
Cooker to read the rest


Looking through my angling pictures set me wondering about why I go into the hills. I take photographs of insects, plants and landscapes to read the reast

The Expert and The Novice

It was February, the weather had been fine for a few days and I needed to get the cobwebs out of the casting arm. I packed the gear in the boot of the car and headed for the local to read the rest


The older I get the more I find I ignore what I read. I have a load of books on fishing that tell me to do this or that and I will catch more fish. What they really do is to read the rest